Five of Australia’s Most Inspiring Female Speakers

Inspiring and motivational speakers can make a huge different to many people. Listening to them through their struggles and how they overcame adversity will give you a sense of that the impossible is nothing. Listed below are five of Australia’s most inspiring female speakers, who will give you a new lease of life. The blog post is sponsored by Speaking Out Australia, we would love recommend checking out their female inspirational speakers

inspiratational female speakers

Holly Ransom.
At the age of 21, Ransom was hand-picked by the CEO of Rio Tinto to administer change throughout the whole company. Since then, nothing has stopped her. Heralded as a future Prime Minister, Ransom has the ability to inspire and motivate everyone. She is truly a special case in which you will walk away feeling anything is achievable.

Rosie Batty.
The 2015 Australian of the Year, Batty suffered at the hands of domestic abuse and witnessed the tragic death of her son. Since then, her words and speeches have become synonymous with resilience, determination and courage. One of the most popular and respected women speakers in Australia.

Yvonne Adele.
As the creator of Ms Megabyte in the 90’s, Adele is a fresh and exciting speaker, who can inspire you. A consultant for a host of massive companies, including NAB, Intel, Telstra, her approach is to believe that looking for new innovative outlooks will help you in the future.

Chrissie Swan.
From Big Brother to being one of the most loved mothers on TV and radio. Her bright and loving view on life will inspire you to believe that you can do whatever you want, regardless of the struggles and problems you face.

Christine Nixon.
Nixon became the first female Commissioner of the Victoria Police – the first ever in the history of Australia. As the leader of over 15,000 officers, she understands how to handle pressure and how to make rise through to the very top, highlighting desire and hard work as key attributes. The post has been sponsored by TR Sports offering quality punching bags.