How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Steps

Congratulations! You have a ring on your finger – are you wondering what now? Don’t let the excitement of being engaged to be ruined by being inundated with plans for your wedding – there’s no amount of preparation that will work if you don’t have a plan. Follow these ten quick steps for a hassle-free wedding.

Step 1 – Get started by sitting down with your partner to talk about ideas, budgets, and agree on the more fundamental ideas of indoor or outdoor, intimate party or large bash or would you opt for a theme. Sit down with your partner – hash out ideas. Device a check-list of the major tasks for the months ahead.

Step 2 – Next, make the announcement; you may have friends and family residing all over the world – give them ample time to plan and arrange their travel plans to make it for your special day. Conventionally, a couple will wait until closer to the date, but it’s best to inform close family even over a telephone call to show that their presence will mean a lot to you.

Step 3 – Setting a date would be crucial because this will tell you about the options of venues, caterers, planners, florist, and seamstresses. Set a timeline for all the critical tasks. Ensure the venue is blocked and an advance is paid for; you may even want to hire a wedding planner who can coordinate the finer details, depending on the budget you and your partner has in mind. Discuss ideas of décor, theme, and ambiance with the venue, florists, and caterers. Research on photographers and bands; book them allowing a 6 month lead period.

Step 4 – Now since you have worked through the major details, decide on what your ceremony will be like. Leave about 3 to 6 months for your gown. The more elaborate the design; you would want a longer lead time. Decide on an officiant, bridesmaids, and best men; start working on designed for their attire in advance. Allocate your budget for your honeymoon as well.

Step 5 – Schedule time for a quick walk or form of exercise. It’s apt to inform your respective places of work about your wedding; this will allow you to take time off and plan your vacation time.

Step 6 – With a six week lead period, send out the invitations to your guests. Assign a friend or family member to follow up to have your numbers correct for the caterers well ahead.

Step 7 – Allocate time for a rehearsal and communicate this with the officiant, the wedding retinue, venue, family members, and your planner. Communicating these times effectively will allow them to commit to it. Slot in your fit-on at the same time for better coordination.

Step 8 – With two weeks to your big day, it’s recommended that you test run any hair care or grooming products. The last thing you want is an allergic reaction. Schedule time with your make-up artist or salon for a trial makeup and hair. If you have a particular style as a reference, it will help them understand your needs better. Most caterers allow a sampling of food prior to the function.

Step 9 – Call your wedding planner and run through the last minute details; the cake, the music, lighting – if in doubt, ask! If you are coordinating speak to the vendors as many times as required. Book a few hours in the spa.

Step 10 – Look rested, happy, and in the event, something doesn’t fall through – don’t stress out. Have a friend who will be with you throughout the photo shoots to help you carry emergency makeup, tissues, and water.